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Wake up with the crew Wed & Fri mornings 10-11am EST live on our YouTube Channel: TTR Studios! Can't watch live? Here's the podcast for each show!

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Live YouTube Channel: TTR Studios

The live-stream channel for all of our shows - tune in and interact with each episode; we love hearing from you! Call-in/Text line: 571-354-7338

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The Voice of Onewheel

The official podcast for all things Onewheel - the community of riders is absolutely incredible and growing by the day; it should have its own voice -O- Check out the podcast or watch the live stream every Tuesday @ 11am!

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Lucdogg in the Morning is a comedy morning show that's main goal is to start your day off with a smile. From dating tips to life failures, sports, and pop culture, there's something for everyone with a unique spin from a comedian and his two co-hosts

Airs: MWF 10am - 11am EST US - LIVE on YouTube Channel: TTR Studios

The Voice of Onewheel is a podcast dedicated to the true voice of Onewheel riders across the globe.  This incredible community is growing by the day and TTR Studios has taken on the challenge of creating a space for all riders to be heard with it's morning show host, Lucdogg, from Washington DC.

Airs: Tuesdays 11am EST US - LIVE on YouTube Channel: TTR Studios

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